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Internet Healer On-line Healing services - Citadel of the Shrine

By mindfully selecting below, your wishes will be whispered through the web, dispersed through the airwaves, your intentions will be released, and reach the Citadel of the Shrine. You who believe and your beloved who believe will receive absent healing.

Say after me:
"What I see before me, what I see, is healing. What we see together, what is clear to the eye, to the mind, to the great hive of human consciousness, to the galactic sphere of healing spirits, is what I select here. To set me free. To set us free. To set us all free. Towards the light, uplifting the light."

Now focus on the situation that you would like to change... keep you mind still, your senses open and awake, let your thoughts circle around that which you want to change...

Now choose, which way to make your situation known to the Internet Healer, to the High Advisor of the Order of the Holy Shrine...

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