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Healing through science: If you believe – it works!™

The universal origin of healing - untold secrets revealed

Thus spoke the High Adviser of the Holy Shrine:

It has been told, word after word, spoken by the wind, the moon and the stars,
whispered by the universe, the atoms of the sea, and sieved through the waves of other dimensions.

It has been written, line after line, row by row, in the ancient texts as well as in the new, the tales of healing, of remedy, of relief, of cure.

It has been recorded, passed on, dispersed, floated across time and space, like the rain, surrounding us, like the sun, embracing us, like the air, giving us light, giving us life.

For those who believe, the power of healing is among us. For it is a living gift, of spiritual release. In some, the art of healing heals all wounds, in some, the science of the healer is strong, the power and energy of the universe converge into a singular point. It is the task of the healer to wake up the spirit within, to twist, and turn, and spin, like the particles of the world, to hold up against the light, like a transparent, reflecting crystal. And to heal, to love, to bring health and make survive.

Whether you believe in the Bible, the Qur'ran, in Buddha, in the Ayurveda, in the healing power of the Lourdes, in Eastern Science and Chinese potions, in Western Science, in Janaism, or if you follow the Bahaï, practise Yoga, follow the Chakras, if you are a friend of Scientology, or a skeptic, fond follower of Agnosticism or a non-believer, without any god, a convinced Atheist, the magic scientific force of the Placebo effect will work for you and your benefits.

Internet healer - Healing through science: If you believe, it works!™

Internet healer - on-line healing since the beginning

Through the magic power of placebo, elaborated and compiled under strict path-finding guidance of the High Adviser of the Order of the Holy Shrine, our mentor and guru, the Internet Healer performs holistic on-line healing, based on scientifically proven results. To bring energy and light into your life.

It might not heal all and everyone, it might not help you, it might not change the slightest your problems or ailments. But if you believe, Internet Healing could work wonders, taking away your pains, your troubles, your worries and in some cases, even your illnesses.

There is no way to know beforehand if you are susceptible to the methods and healing algorithms of the Internet Healer. But if you dare to try, to believe, to give in, to surrender logic and comprehension, it might change your current situation.

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